SpaceTech offers mechanical design and analysis as service to customers for all kind of structures with specific expertise in the area of light-weight and dimensional stable structures.  We perform structural analysis and design with focus on Carbon Fibre reinforced material and sandwich structures.

  • Design and Analysis of SpaceTech own products as MSTTM , Refocus Mechanism, Solar Arrays etc
  • Analysis of CFRP Bicycle Wheel
  • Design and analysis various CarbonFibreReinforced components for different customers
  • MGSE designs for Bepi Colombo, Swarm, Formosat-5
  • Spacecraft structure analysis and/or design as e.g. for Grace Follow-On and Sentinel-5 Precursor

The standard tools for mechanical engineering at SpaceTech are:

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD):
    • ProEngineer
    • Solid Works
  • Finite Element Modelling (FEM):
    • FEMAP

Specific tools for e.g. multi-body dynamics and laminate analysis are used at SpaceTech.

BicycleWheel FEM

Light-Weight Bicycle Wheel Finite Elemente Model (FEM)

Mechanical System Engineering Support for Space Products

SpaceTech personnel expertise covers all mechanical engineering processes needed for space products. This includes all tasks from the definition of the mechanical environment, over design and analysis up to the final verification by test or analysis.

References Mechanical Engineering Support:
  • BepiColombo Mechanical Architecture Support
  • Mechanical Engineering Support for Formosat 5


Comparison of acoustic test results with analysis predictions