The testing equipment is mostly build up in our clean thermal vacuum laboratory. There we have different chambers and measurement tools running. The laboratory is also used as an area for cleaning via ultrasonic and as a place for clueing and potting under clean conditions. The chambers and the other equipment are kept clean by following our cleanliness.

STI´s Thermal Vacuum Laboratory covers:
  • Testing of function and performance parameters of spaceflight products under different pressure and temperature conditions. This can be a thermal cycling test in ambient pressure as well as under vacuum
  • Performing of bake-outs to outgas different types of structures – preparation for TV-Test
  • Measuring the outgassing behavior of distinctive types of structures
  • Cleaning and clueing area
Recent projects:
  • Coarse Earth- & Sun Sensor - CESS
  • Laser Ranging Instrument – LRI

big tv chamber


Summary of Standard Equipment of Thermal Vacuum Laboratory
  • TV-Chambers
    • Big TV-Chamber with around 4m³ of volume
    • 2 medium TV-Chambers with around 0,2m³
    • 2 small TV-Chambers for outgassing with around 0,03m³ and 0,04m³
  • Vacuum-Pumps
    • Several scroll-pumps for vacuum down to 1e-3mbars
    • Turbo-Molecular-Pumps  for UHV
  • Thermal-Chamber [inside: 800*500*600 - mm]
    • Thermal testing and cycling under ambient pressure
    • Temperature range of -70 to +180°C
    • Floodable with nitrogen gas as dehumidifier
  • Rest Gas Analyzer
  • Temperature Controlled Quartz Crystal Microbalances – TQCM
  • Different kind of Heater and Cool Plates for temperature between -200°C up to +190°C
    • Heater/Cool Plate    -    1000*1000mm
    • Heater Plates        -    500*500mm
    • Cool Plates        -    520*520mm
  • Infrared radiation testing
  • Data acquisition and control system with safety functions
    • Temperature measuring
    • Pressure measuring
    • Electrical Isolation testing

medium tv chamber

clima chamber

ultrasonic cleaner

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