Overview of Spacetech’s clean room facilities

CleanRoom Panorama

  • Cleanroom G3
    • ISO Class 8, with 118 m² floor space
    • Mainly used for assembly and integration of larger structures
    • Offers a height of 5.75 m over a large area (high-bay 78 m²)
    • Additional cellar room below with the same environmental conditions
    • Cellar equipped with mechanical test facilities (shaker and shock table)
    • Direct hatch allows transfer from clean room to cellar

 Clean room overview2


  • Cleanroom G1
    • ISO class 8, with 78 m² floor space
    • Mainly used for instrument and component AIT activities
    • Equipped with a clean tent (ISO 7) and a flow box (ISO 5)
    • Several TV-chambers with up to 4 m³ volume available
    • Optical table installed

Cleanroom2 Panorama

Clean room overview

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